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Thursday, January 14, 2016


                                                      MEMORABLE CHARACTERS

We all remember a good movie. A real good one that is. Like, Titanic, Boyz N Da Hood, Menace to Society, The Godfather. But how many actually remember the character's name in that movie or even a book. Sometimes that story of that book or movie may be so overwhelmed until we don't really focus character unless it's a relatble character. Character should have strengths and weaknesses, but the strengths should be dominate in my opinion. Most people don't like too much strength in a character. They tend to feel intimidated by him or her. I believe in strong characters that what makes a strong story and an interesting one. I can't stand weak characters, that make me feel sorry for them to the point of crying. This is just my opinion. Please don't blast me on this topic. I'll be back tomorrow with more on character. God bless.


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