From The Other Side Of the Tracks

Saturday, October 11, 2014

FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS - Volume 1 (Excerpt chapter 23)

              A caged window prison bus zoomed down a long dirt road on a hot day in mid- August.
Correction Officers carried rifles and other firearms as they guarded both the front and the rear of the
bus. The prisoners wore beige colored prisons suits and shackled to one another. Thieves, murderers,
rapists and white extremists were convicted of the most horrendous crimes. Seven resided by a
window and didn't give the other convicts any eye contact. He was a bit scared. Seven was only eighteen years old and the judge sentenced him to two years for street racing and possession of an illegal firearm. "What's going to happen to me once I get there?" Seven thought to himself. He knew he had to be tough. If he were strong arms on the streets for DeShaun, he could be strong arms in the pen. Seven was sent to one of New York's toughest prisons upstate. His friends Boo, BiBi, and TaTu were convicted of the same crimes. They served different times more or less than Seven. Prison was gonna be hell for a couple and he knew he had to fight and stay prayed up until he got his freedom. During the trial, his mother past out in the courtroom when hauled off to hell. It was death to her.