From The Other Side Of the Tracks

Monday, April 13, 2015


                                                              CHAPTER 37


 Valentine's day chocolates and bottles of champagne would be consumed by lovers everywhere. Diamonds and other fabulous jewels would be worn by every girl in the world. Seven's eyes were wide open as he gazed at the ceiling. By him taking that money from Mr. Westland got him no sleep. Seven tried to shut his eyes, but the reenactment of Mr. Westland and his cocky attitude played out in his head like a fiddle. He could see the vial expression of Angelika's father's face. Then Seven thought about Angelika's reaction once she found out. "All I have to do is tell Angelika the truth. And if she cares for me, then she'll stay." Seven thought to himself. He glanced over at his clock on his night stand. It read: 10:32 am. Seven sat up straight in bed and scanned the room. Anastasia slept in her doggie bed. Seven noticed his four-legged friend was growing. He smiled at the rottweiler as she could see Seven smiling at her with her squinting eyes. The dog rose her head from the doggie bed and stretched. Seven then took his mind off his hound for a second. "Does Angelika know already?" Seven thought again. Seven grabbed his cell phone and checked to see if Angelika tried to call him. Nothing. But, there were no signs of her calling the night before.

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  1. Great writing, I'm hooked. Needs editing for typos and grammar.